Megalomania and Mythomania 

An evil that afflicts Organizations and Countries, we face a global and national emergency. Never before have we had leaders and politicians so lacking in personal integrity, so capable of lying and abusing their powers with such impunity and so blindly backed by amoral and unscrupulous parties.

We have been infected by a group of megalomaniacs - mitomanans, who as viruses have spread in different societies without criteria and whose breeding ground in ignorance.

We are living the "Age of Knowledge" but, paradoxically, today's societies tend to be more ignorant, because they read little and, therefore, do not have sufficient criteria to discern between truths and lies.

The democratization of information that produces "misinformation" and manipulation through the media without ethics and social responsibility, combined with a society without criteria, has generated an excellent "breeding ground" for megalomaniacs: mythomaniacs who are in leadership positions , since they are like viruses that are strengthened and developed through ignorance.

Discovering your Competitive Advantage

Within the framework of the Ibero Employability Conference, the conference "Why you? Discover your competitive advantage", taught by the MBA Juan Carlos Erdozáin, Executive Director at "ea Business Consulting", who spoke about the importance of knowing our environment, as well as doing a personal analysis to discover our strengths and weaknesses, so it is essential to do a SWOT analysis, define a vision, mission, as well as objectives that help us achieve specific goals.

He stressed the importance of avoiding self-sabotage, for which it is important to identify this attitude and change our plan of action. He also advised to be open to change and have a "high risk culture" mentality, which is characterized by a proactive attitude, taking risks, seeing change as an opportunity, resolving conflicts and having internal security

The Business Objective  

"Strategic Planning does not contemplate future decisions, but the future of today's decisions"

 Peter Drücker

Business Objective: main activity that the company operates. 
This concept must be clearly and explicitly defined; if necessary review it and redefine it again and again.

There is no right way to define a business. The trick is to identify a definition that matches the special skills of the company or what the company is intended to be. By doing so, the company maximizes the impact of these capabilities against its competitors and gives it the advantage it needs to be profitable.

The business objective is the prelude to the Vision and Mission.

Dare to answer the four diagnostic questions for your company, YOU WILL BE SURPRISED!

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