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Since 2002, Juan Carlos Erdozáin has been a Consultant and Executive Director at “Omniverso - eaBC" a firm dedicated to Knowledge Management, helping individuals, companies and organizations achieve their objectives, transforming knowledge into concrete actions, giving as resulting in value creation.

He is a Chemical Engineer graduated from the Universidad Iberoamericana, MBA from the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico and has been a student of the human factor with the guidance of Morrie Shechtman, creator in the United States of North America, of the Leadership of the 5th Wave of Change and the Internal Border.

He has experience in companies such as DuPont, Pfizer, Shell, Scott Paper and Crayola and has been an internal consultant (retainer) at Lapimex, the IMEF (Mexican Institute of Finance Executives) and at RR Donnelley.

As former Executive President of IMEF (Mexican Institute of Finance Executives) he gained extensive experience evaluating both CEOs and CFOs to diagnose why some executives manage to create value for their organizations and others do not.

His experience in national and multinational business environments in the chemical, pharmaceutical, paper and consumer industries has allowed him to diagnose the success factors and risks faced by his clients' companies, in order to generate operational, tactical and/or actions. strategies for the creation of organizational value.

Being President of the Latin American Association of School and Office Supplies Manufacturers, he was able to contribute with action plans for associates, to mitigate the effects of a mature industry.

He has been a director at Conacyt, Coparmex and speaker in the financial, pharmaceutical and consumer sectors; He is currently a professor at the master's level, at the EBC and at the La Salle University.

His clients include Pfizer, RR Donelley, Leapfrog, ArjoWiggins, Lapimex, Mead Paper, Grupo MayaPack and AJR Comercio Exterior.

Juan Carlos Erdozain Rivera, MBA


Consultant and Executive Director at Omniverso - eaBC

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