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Juan Cordero was a simple and humble country man who, on one occasion, on his long walk from home to work in a sawmill, stopped to drink from a stream; that was when Lucas Lobera, who had a reputation for not working and living on the outside, approached.

- What are you doing? - Lucas Lobera asked Juan Cordero, you should bring an amphora from your house.

- I know, Juan said, but I don't have drinking water in my house.

- It's not possible! Nobody helps you in your town? - asked annoyed Lucas Lobera

- How could you help me if we are all poor- Juan Cordero replied

- And your boss, doesn't he help you? That's an abuse! - said Lucas Lobera

- My employer died helping some day laborers during a flood and it is now his wife who is in charge of the sawmill. She lives simply and gives employment to all of the region to support our families.

- Well, that's an infamy! she should sacrifice her earnings and put clean water in the town- Lucas Lobera said and added, I am convinced that she is abusing you, I know this very well, because if I were the owner of the sawmill it would bring well-being and better quality of life to all of you.

Immediately afterwards, Lucas Lobera asked Juan Cordero to accompany him and they went to his town, where Lucas gathered everyone and let them know how unfair the owner of the sawmill was with them. With the support of some of the people convinced that Lucas was right, they went to the house of the owner of the sawmill, they took her out of her house and without hearing her reasons, Lucas Lobera banished her forever.

Some time later, Lucas Lobera took over the sawmill, living in a shack instead of the former owner's house, trying to run the sawmill, even though he had never worked, in fact he had not even gone to school.

As time went by, the sawmill began to decline and Lucas Lobera covered himself saying that it was the fault of the old owner's bad "vibes" and a strange disease, which, given his ignorance, Lucas Lobera did not know how to solve.

Juan Cordero was a simple and humble man from the countryside who, on one occasion, on his long walk from home to work in a sawmill, stopped to drink from a stream, that was when he realized that the stream was contaminated and the sawmill had been closed. At that moment Lucas Lobera approached him with an armed group and said, "Don't worry, Juan, the sawmill does not matter, we will think better and, as for drinking water, God will tell. The sawmill is not necessary, the important thing is that you know how much I love you and that you are happy… some time later, Juan Cordero died of starvation due to lack of sustenance (the sawmill), but according to what Lucas Lobera tells us, Juan died “ being happy".

Moral: There is little point in reasoning with the fool, if the reason of the strongest is always the best.

Inspired by the Fable: "The Wolf and the Lamb" by Jean de La Fontaine

In the history of Mexico, it is noteworthy that Mexico has lacked leaders with political vision and the common good; some have ruled with cunning and great intelligence but for their own interests and hidden agendas; Others have governed with the impulsive character of ignorant and irresponsible leaders.

The common factor (not always) in our history is that said "Heads without political vision and for the common good" have been Non-Effective, Reformer and Idealist fighters: they aim for success and, they hope that public opinion will bring them that recognition that is what motivates them to act.

Normally these "Ineffective Fighters" are seduced by the idea of ​​resorting to lies and deception to achieve their goals.

The "Limbic" brain predominates in them, but their attitude is hostile and motivated by Opportunism. They avoid failure at all costs and therefore tend to lie and deceit.

When these "Ineffective Fighters" feel in a safe environment, they tend to maintain their desire for peace and serenity, trying to be conciliators. Their become optimistic and to try to avoid conflicts they deny the reality that does not fold to their desires.

They get to have tendencies to megalomania (very paid for themselves) and revenge.

On the other hand, when these "Ineffective Fighters" feel in a stressful environment, that is, when they are under pressure, doubt, fear and suspicion are part of their day to day. They become conspirators and transmit their anxiety and suspicions to their surroundings.

Undoubtedly, Juan Lobera, an Ineffective Fighter, who with facts ended the sawmill and the life of Juan Cordero.

"It is of little use to reason with the fool, if the reason of the strongest is always the best"

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