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Actualizado: 22 mar 2020


We face a global and national emergency. Never before have we had leaders and politicians so lacking in personal integrity, so capable of lying and abusing their powers with such impunity and so blindly backed by amoral and unscrupulous parties.

We have been infected by a group of Megalomaniacs - Mythomaniac, which as viruses have spread in different societies without criteria and whose breeding ground in ignorance.

We are living the "Age of Knowledge" but paradoxically, today's societies tend to be more ignorant, because they read little and therefore do not have sufficient criteria to discern between truths and lies.

The democratization of the information that produces "Misinformation" and manipulation through Media without ethics and social responsibility, combined with a society without criteria, has generated an excellent "Broth of Cultivation" for Megalomaniacs - Mythomaniacs who are in leadership positions , since they are like viruses that are strengthened and developed through ignorance.

It is a painful situation that after humanity crossed the Second World War, it has not learned from the mistakes and cycles of power; it must be remembered that the second great war was known for the "Age of Megalomaniacs", perfectly represented by "The Tripartite Pact", also known as the Axis Pact, signed in Berlin on September 27, 1940 by Saburō Kurusu, Adolf Hitler and Galeazzo Ciano, representing the Empire of Japan, Nazi Germany and the Kingdom of Italy, respectively. This pact constituted a military alliance between these nations, and the Axis Forces were officially formed, opposed to the Allied Forces in World War II. The clearest exponents of the Age of "Megalomaniacs" are Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Ante Pavelic (Croatia) and Miklós Horthy (Hungary) among others.

Now the citizens of the 21st century have to survive with a new generation of world leaders, who as viruses are present in the US, Latin America and the East, but who are immunized against Democracy, that is, they are "Megalomaniacs - Mythomaniacs".


As María Prieto defined (Degree in Psychology from the University of Salamanca) “Do you know anyone who has the conviction that everything he says, thinks or does is great? If the answer is yes, you are probably facing a megalomaniac. It is about that type of person who despises others because he considers himself superior to them, due to an oversized egolatry. Now, how to identify them?

“Historical figures such as Napoleon Bonaparte, Hitler, Stalin or Mao Zedong are personalities who are attributed traits of megalomania and narcissism; features that led some of them to the approach of nothing less than the conquest of the world. ”

Seven characteristics to detect a megalomaniac

1) They are highly conceited. They feel that their presence is essential in any meeting.

2) They believe themselves indestructible, capable of solving any problem that may arise. They are capable of everything to gain power and this includes the manipulation of others.

3) They behave as if they were omnipotent and like to test the abilities of the people around them to boast about them.

4) They do not usually learn from their mistakes and, therefore, experience does not correct their mistakes.

5) They have a narcissistic and idealized image of themselves.

6)They look at the way in which others react to what they do or say. If they are rejected by others because of their misconduct, they think that the problem belongs to others.

7)Vanity, supported by a strongly overrated ego and fueled by a marked superiority complex, makes them despise everything that does not refer to themselves”

More than 74 years have passed since the Second World War finished and far from having learned from history, it is present again in the 21st century with some World Leaders who in addition to MEGALOMANS are "MYTHOMANS"

What does mythomaniac mean?

"Mythomania: pathological tendency or inclination to fabulate or transform reality by explaining or narrating a fact.

They are people who have the lie by habit. They do not usually recognize that they have this habit, but the truth is that they have perfected it with a lot of practice. In addition, they internally understand that lying can be a resource, just as valid as others, when it does not harm anyone if it is not discovered.

There are not too many scientific studies that can explain the reasons why a person suffers from mythomania. A pathological liar has no control over what he says or the effects that his fallacies cause on others. Their lies are widespread, disproportionate, persistent and most of them, spontaneous and poorly considered. We can identify if someone suffers from this disorder, if they change their stories continuously, they disregard something they have expressed in the past or greatly exaggerate their stories"

Why should we take care of a pathological lie? Because it is based on the lack of control by the person who says it. A mitomaniac may have problems or abnormalities of the brain and central nervous system.

Those who suffer from mitomania are not “forgiven” for their disorder, but they do deserve our help, since far from recriminating them, we must ask them to leave their leadership position (political, religious, social or business) and invite them to consult with a specialist and motivate them to follow proper treatment.


"My fellow Americans, we face a national emergency. Never before have we had a president so utterly lacking in personal integrity, so able to lie and abuse his powers with such impunity and so blindly backed by an amoral party, an unscrupulous attorney general and a media-fund-raising juggernaut. It is an engine of raw power that will cram anything the president says or does right down your throat."

We have to get this right. This is no ordinary time, no ordinary Republican Party, no ordinary incumbent, and it will require an extraordinary Democratic machine to triumph.

Because, without doubt, Russia and China also will be “voting” Trump 2020 — for three reasons:

(1) Trump keeps America in turmoil and unable to focus on building the infrastructure we need to dominate the 21st century the way we did the 20th.

(2) Both Beijing and Moscow know that Trump is so disliked by America’s key allies that he can never galvanize a global coalition against China or Russia.

And (3) both Russia and China know that Trump is utterly transactional and will never challenge them on human rights abuses. Trump is their chump, and they will not let him go easily.

Changes in the international environment, as well as technological developments and growing inequality, have contributed to this democratic depression. However, the mass protests of prodemocracy in authoritarian and semi-authoritarian environments, from Armenia to Hong Kong and Sudan, underline the continuing appeal of democracy. In addition, authoritarian populism has an Achilles heel in the form of a tendency for uncontrolled leaders to sink into venality, cronyism and deviation.

There is still an opportunity to renew democratic progress, but a return to the first principles and renewed efforts of advanced democracies will be necessary. ”


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