"The Past is history,

The future is uncertainty,

This precise moment is a Gift,

That is why it is called present"

Every day when we wake up, we begin a process of unconscious thinking, remembering, we are not eternal and our time in this space is limited.

We just to live as if we were eternal, without realizing that one day "we will no longer wake up from the

unconsciousness. "

There are two clear evidences that we have been in unconsciousness, that is to say that we do not know that we exist even we exist, for example, when we were children, there was an early age before three years, where although we already existed, we had not noticed that and then, it seems that we did not exist.

The second evidence is when we go to sleep and go into unconsciousness ... that is, at the time of deep sleep, where are we going at that time? It gives the feeling that we do not exist.

So, this indicates that part of the process of living is to make us aware that we exist and that, the experiences of pain and happiness, allow us to become conscious by that. Ii is complicated right?

These concepts are "Mental Complications", which sometimes and without realizing it torture us creating a feeling of emptiness and anxiety.

To avoid this mental torture, during the day we are filled with many activities and distractions to "forget", it is to forget the three eternal questions ...

1) where do we come from?

2) What are we doing here?

3) Where we will go?