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"The Past is history,

The future is uncertainty,

This precise moment is a Gift,

That is why it is called present"

Every day when we wake up, we begin a process of unconscious thinking, remembering, we are not eternal and our time in this space is limited.

We just to live as if we were eternal, without realizing that one day "we will no longer wake up from the

unconsciousness. "

There are two clear evidences that we have been in unconsciousness, that is to say that we do not know that we exist even we exist, for example, when we were children, there was an early age before three years, where although we already existed, we had not noticed that and then, it seems that we did not exist.

The second evidence is when we go to sleep and go into unconsciousness ... that is, at the time of deep sleep, where are we going at that time? It gives the feeling that we do not exist.

So, this indicates that part of the process of living is to make us aware that we exist and that, the experiences of pain and happiness, allow us to become conscious by that. Ii is complicated right?

These concepts are "Mental Complications", which sometimes and without realizing it torture us creating a feeling of emptiness and anxiety.

To avoid this mental torture, during the day we are filled with many activities and distractions to "forget", it is to forget the three eternal questions ...

1) where do we come from?

2) What are we doing here?

3) Where we will go?

The Cheap Philosophy and some Religions, have not answered the questions and the Serious Philosophy and the Serious Mystics, they have only given us approximations that until now are hypotheses and theories.

The fact is that it gives the impression that we come to this space-time to become conscious through experimentation in a bipolar space, which has dual characteristics such as cold - heat, sadness - joy, darkness - light, death - life, high - bass, etc.

It is through experimentation and the process of life, that we became conscious we are alive and who we are. Every day we rise to a common goal for all of us who inhabit the planet ... TO SURVIVE!

Life is too short, and we have little time to achieve awareness of ourselves and thus, knowing who we are, awareness that can only be achieved through survival, through the challenges that life imposes on us.

Death hangs over us at always, and we will face the fact that his arrival will be random.

We can spend the day dealing with an endless list of pending tasks just so that suddenly we die run over for a bus.

We can spend the present moment worrying about the future just to suddenly discover a terminal illness in our body.

Thinking for a moment about those who were on this planet before us, they also spent the same time than us, planning their elections or worrying about their finances; however, death claimed them anyway. Our situation is no different. At every moment, we must remember that our time on this planet is getting shorter and shorter.

Is there a solution to this dilemma? perhaps, if we use the imagination in our favor and not against us, thinking as if we had been invited to a party to dance; when we are invited to a party to dance we go to it without asking ourselves, what are we going to do? What do we do there? Simply what we do is go dancing and have fun.

Someone invited us to come to this planet to live, to learn and become aware that we exist and also to have fun and for that, we try to survive to take care of the body that help us to continue learning and living.

Therefore, there is no need to worry about the future or events that are beyond our control.

So, we must to do everything for what we were invited to this space-time, Live and Experiment through the five senses.

We must do, what we are within our reach and be happy in this INSTANT CALLED PRESENT, BECAUSE IT IS AS A GIFT.

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