Few are the real cases that show so clearly the excellence in the management of the Administration, the Strategic Thought, the Competitive Advantage, the Leadership and the Human Factor.

We are very lucky, those who are dedicated to the Consulting Business, to have evidence of the success story of Francisco Ortiz Collado and Zoetis.

A Global leader like José Francisco Ortiz, goes beyond being a manager, because he knows that:

 “Administration is the tool, Management is talent and leadership virtue ”

He knows that his most important work goes beyond technical skills, such as human skills, which imply the ability to work well with people both individually and in groups.

He also knows that conceptual skills such as thinking and conceptualizing abstract and complex situations are fundamental to the success of his management.

Jose Francisco is, without a doubt, a citizen of the world and a global strategist who has been able to implement strategies in markets as different as Mexico, China and Brazil.

He knows that to be successful he must know how to adapt to external circumstances that generate both threats and opportunities and, above all, be a great connoisseur of the human factor and organizations. He is aware that new competitors suddenly appear anywhere in the world and most importantly, he knows how to deal with cultural, economic and political differences.

To be successful, today's managers know that cultural and political differences have acquired renewed importance after September 11.

They know that in today's world, globalization poses greater problems for them and the organizations they represent, because they have to deal with uncertainties, fears and anxieties.

Managers who do not closely monitor changes in the global environment or who do not take into account the peculiarities of where they are when they plan, organize, direct and control will have only limited global success.

In an interview conducted by a prestigious Brazilian magazine (“Feed & Food” Magazine, Julio 2018, Joao Paulo Monteiro), when José Francisco was Sr Vice President & General Manage